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    Warm enough for a 4/3?

    I picked up a quiksilver ignite 4/3 about a month ago and have been itching to get out in it but I'm not sure about how cold it can go. I've been out in my 5/4 a few times in the last month and haven't been cold but I really would like to be in a more flexible suit. Does anybody have any experience with this suit or just care to give thir two cents on the matter?
    I have a hood, gloves, and boots so that is not an issue. I'd really just like to be out longer than I can be in my 5/4 as I tend to get tired more quickly in it.


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    prime 4/3 time ... paddle moar if you get cold

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    yea 4/3 will work although i think you'll last longer in the 5/4/3.
    I'd rather be hot than cold personally.
    my 5mil is super stretchy just wish i could take the hood off.

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    If it's a high quality 4/3, you should be OK. If it's a $100-$150 4/3, not so much. Personally, I'd wear a hood up until about 54 degrees. Gloves get shed around 50-52 degrees, depending on weather. Boots (depending on thickness) up until about 58.

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    I've been wearing my 4/3 mutant for 2 months if it is a quality suit you will be fine

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    I've been in my 4/3 mutant since the beginning of March. You'll be mint as long as you have a good quality suit, as stated above.