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You can hurl all the tired, boring localism B.S. at 908 you want, but the reality is these guys who get up at 4 am, drive down to surf and then head in to work are the most hard core dedicated surfers among us.

Anyway, it was worth it. Hope you made the drive.

and 908, if you want to DM me I'll give ya my contact info in case you need an eyes on report some morning. I'll tell you if it's good and maybe tell you where epic is surfing so you can and all your buds can paddle out next to him.
That's the funniest **** I ever heard. I doubt they are the most hard code. The once a month they drive down definitely when surfline tells them to makes them hard core. I hope you realize that many locals who actually live in the beach town work earlier than the typical 9am and hit it at first light. Then, actually go to a full time job, not a part time job. They also surf during all conditions and hit it at DP several times a week. Not just when the forecasting sights or other people tell them to go. People like playing follow the leader and can't think for themselves. Check the cams and check the bouy reports. If you know anything about surfing or have been surfing (hardcore) as you say, you would know how different spots break, what tides work, etc. The buoy reports are enough to tell if it will be decent because you can see swell height, period and wind. Then, it's just a matter of knowing the tides (not hard to find out) and how different spots break at the different tides.

Check the data and you can make a pretty good decision even if it's not 100%. Or people on here can give you eyes on report and wipe your ass for you just like mommy does.