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    Quote Originally Posted by Trident View Post
    The ATV is not licenced because it is considered "mobile equipment" and insured under their property and general liability policies...
    I dont think this would negate the fact they need to have Proof of registration and insurance.

    Just as if you got pulled over you couldnt just say...welll my plan is under my parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darippah View Post
    Yesterday I was told by a rent-a-cop to not take off my "underwear" in public even though I did it under a towel and all... he happened to be real nice about it and all, but is there anything wrong with changing under a towel on the street? this was in Long Branch NJ never had this problem before
    in many places, the towel change has been made illegal & you can actually be ticketed for it. ocnj is one such town, tho it's not really enforced. i've only heard of 1 or 2 people being ticketed, & that was right after the law was passed. i guess it falls under the whole "public indecency" thing. i'm not sure if long branch is one of the towns, but that may be the reason.

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    Long Branch never used to ticket you for changing under a towel. At least they've never ticketed me. If this was down by Queer Village, they might be trying to "clean up the place."

    One afternoon a few winters ago, I'm parked on a side street down by the beach, in the back of my SUV, changing into my suit. The back windows are tinted, but you can still sort of see in if you're looking. So a cop walks by... looks back... does a double take... and turns around and walks up to the back of my truck. By this time I'm pretty much in the suit, so I opened up the back door and climbed out. I look at the cop and give him the, "hey... how 'ya doing? Everything OK?" The cop smiles... "yea... sure... That's just... somethin' you don't see every day."

    No ticket... and not an unpleasant exchange either. I was pleasantly surprised.

    In Deal they will write you a summons.
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    He was an a@@hole