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    making the wetsuit last

    So my 3/2 is still in really good shape, but the tape that on the seams (inside) is coming off. Is there a glue or something I can use to help extend the life, since I will be soon putting the suit away for a few months. Or is this a waste of time. I like to make things last and otherwise the suit is holding up well. Thanks!

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    Even if tape is coming off theres still glued seams under. It is so annoying to repair and doesnt work. Just use it and get a new one eventually and take insanely good care of it. And warmth wont be any different cuz 3/2 isnt in the brutal months.

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    Depending on the brand, you may be able to send it back for repair. I keep my Rip Curl suits for a few years. When the season ends (if needed) I box it up sent it in and Rip Curl will repair it for free. Just not tears/holes or abuse, but wear like tape on seams or stitching, def!

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    O'Neil Neoprene Cement... or something like that... works great if you follow the manufacturers instructions. I've glued the tape back on in a few places, on a number of different suits. It works, but you have to do it exactly the way they say to do it.

    I like your attitude, brother. Learn to take care of your gear (suits AND boards) and it will last twice as long, keep the landfills from filling up twice as they should, and save you money in the long run.

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    The same thing happened to my 3/2 O'Neill Epic.... But 4/3 and 2/1 are fine. I thought maybe it was the lower end model, not the brand. But, since air temp is warm when wearing the 3/2, I figured I'd just deal... I can't notice it when in the water. Good to know it can be fixed, now I can try the method posted above. I thought maybe fix it like a tear, but figured best not to mess with it since couldn't notice any difference other than visually when rinsing the suit down inside out. Glad you thought to post this!!!
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    piss on it. it will last forever