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    where the water meets the sand
    It's my local break - in the late fall through the early spring it's a great spot. I love it in the summer too, but the kiddie and kook factor sky rocket. If it's smaller than waist high, I'm going there, If it gets bigger than waist - I head south. I can't deal with the crowd. I miss Gordon's Pond.

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    i love riding the little kiddies over with my 9 foot long... just makes my day

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    Quote Originally Posted by capetownsurfer View Post
    i love riding the little kiddies over with my 9 foot long... just makes my day
    if you mean that you are a douche

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    Unhappy Delaware Surf Breaks

    I hear you all; the crowds are worse and will just get even worse with the addition of a new local surf shop.

    Also the skimboarding is getting out of hand. I don't mind skimboarding, but I do mind when they cross the front of my surfboard. There were several instances were kids where getting hit by skimboards and close calls with surfers. The guys that are being too aggressive are ruining it for the rest. Several times we (surfers) had to confront these cocky a-holes. If they keep it up they may get punched out or end up with a broken board. I don't condone ever hitting anyone, but they are pushing it bit much. There are many places to skimboard and not many places to surf in Delaware. It's bad enough that there are so many people occupying the water by the Naval Jetty. I know that its summertime and I usually avoid the crowded times, but I do like to enjoy the beach with my children and hope to teach them how to surf. So, if my kid gets tagged by an aggressive skimboarder you will need to purchase a new one, because I will own yours. Your parents can ask for it back.

    In all, just practice good etiquette while surfing, bodyboarding, and skimboarding so we can all enjoy the ocean.

    Keep the Peace

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    Quote Originally Posted by SURF4LIFE View Post
    they did not remove any stumps the sand has covered them up due to the new jetties, which I personally think they should have left alone because atleast back then both jetties and other spots would work.
    Oh? A lot of us were surfing there while the park was removing the stumps. There were waves the week they came in and did it (long time ago). I personally dont think dozing out the stumps had as big of a negative effect as some do, but they definitely did do it, and the stumps were holding some sand in the right spots.
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    If you build it, they will come

  7. Here is the problems with Herring Point:

    1. It is the easiest wave to surf! paddle out is easy, take off is easy, wipeouts are easy!

    2. Summer time it rarely gets above stomach high which gives a lot of the people out there an inflated ego about how good they are as a surfer. Then when decent waves do come that they can't handle they are out in the line up causing problems.

    3. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM: Nobody really speaks up when things happen. Instead of chewing a guy out for dropping in on them not once but maybe 4 times, they just mutter to themselves and paddle away in a bad mood. PEOPLE won't learn if you don't say something! The crew that was surfing the Jetty when i was a kid 13 yrs ago you didn't want to mess with or drop in on. They would walk your ass to the beach and make you leave.

    The only way that the Jetty will ever change is if people balls up and start regulating there local spot, its not about being a ****, but it is about safety. If any of you have traveled to any know surf breaks around the world things are regulated and you don't just paddle out and take the first wave you see. But that's just my two sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetiatthejetty View Post
    I miss Gordon's Pond.
    Gordon's Pond is still surfable, right? or did i miss something? can you not surf there anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    Gordon's Pond is still surfable, right? or did i miss something? can you not surf there anymore?
    Man.....can't the constant talking about specific spots just end?

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    Yea i think everyone should regulate there spots. I just got my water proof gun in the mail and im gonna start firing at every kid i see drop in on someone then kick there body back to the beach. Sike im playing but you all are ridiculous. Its the mid atlantic delaware at that and its the summer deal with it.