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Heading to Kill Devil Hills/Nags Head area next week. Haven't been down in 5 years. I may surf one of the piers, but I problably will just scout out some random sandbar breaks at one of the beach access points in the area to surf in solitude or with my son. So what tides work best in that area?

Also, our family really enjoys doing a day trip down to Hatteras Point, drive our 4x4 out on the beach and make it a day. Last time we went down I didn't take my board to the point. Is there a good surfing area there? Currents look rather treacherous. All I really saw were fisherman everywhere, and it really didn't look like many spots to surf. I know there have to be some good breaks on that "drive on the beach" area. I'm not trolling for a "secret spot" out of anyone, just looking for somewhere surfable down there where the fisherman's lines aren't in the way.

Man there are a lot of good sandbars in town (KDH/NH), you just need to drive a little bit and check some public accesses like you stated; the piers, eh, they are alright nothing to write home to mom about and usually packed with 10 guys trying to get the same ankle-slapping wave. I'd advise pulling in a few and have a look, I'm sure you will find a good bar with a little bit of searching and minimal people. As for Hatteras, I haven't been down in a while so can't say anything for certain. Check the websites given by the other people that might know a little more. I'd imagine the NPS site will have the most up-to-date info. Happy Hunting