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Thread: Hurricane....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray F. View Post
    Wait a minute.....the hurricane's name is Hurricane Ron Paul....
    nice one......

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    i have a sister id gladly give up

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    last summer seemed like we had a few bigger (chest high) swells but alot alot of completely flat days in between. this summer it seems like everyday has been about knee high maybe a little better at times. at least a reason to carry your board on the beach.

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    i have a sister id gladly give up
    virgins bro... we need virgins.

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    Thumbs up Needing waves

    One of the signs forecasters look for is the situation with the Median-Julian-Oscillation (aka MJO) and signs are pointing to a possible early Cape Verde season the latter half of July into August. Which means in a few weeks we'll need to start looking east for signs of development.
    This means the trade winds are in favor for tropical develpment and very little wind shear aloft, hopefully we will see tropical storm or some kind of wave maker, and if you hold your tongue right and do a little dance it might come a little sooner...lol...peace