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    Police on The Beach

    Here it comes. The nazi's have been unleashed! a group of about 10 of us got kicked out of the water last night. We were surfing a small PUBLIC break that sits next to a private beach club. Someone called the police (Adolf Hitler would be proud of them) and our sesh was ended. Now that the local rich people control beach access, oops, I mean the local towns the cops are starting to come out. There was no discussing this with the officers either. Both of the responding 5-0's were very nasty and unhappy, and threatened us with fines. I work with a few police officers and they have all told me that when you come across a cop like this do not even try to argue, you'll end up in cuffs for disorderly conduct with little chance of getting out of it.

    So ARM YOURSELVES! With video cameras! Why, because a short video of an out of line police officer is worth a billion words! And they hate it and videos kick but in court. I wish I had a GoPro camera on me last night I'd have some good "Bad cop no donut" video.

    Oh, this group of surfers, age range between 28 and 55, just everyday people trying to relax and enjoy some small summer surf, many of them grew up surfing this break and now it may be lost because the as "Well to do towns" as the news reports it, think they are better than us.I have some news for you Mr. Richy Rich, I served four years in the military to protect MY freedom to surf, and the freedom this country gives you and I WILL NOT go down with out a fight, and I will NEVER SURRENDER, unlike you I have a spine, unlike you I am a human being.
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