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    This is amazing. Call your congressman as people suggested. I live in a beach town and 95% of cops are aholes. That's just a fact. The people who say they are not aholes are friends with them. My friend is a cop in another town. I get along with him fine but I know he's an ahole to strangers during his job. Actually, we could eliminate 75% of police officer jobs in these small towns and it wouldn't make a difference. Plus, people can save some hard earned money on taxes. I can take care of myself and don't need the govt to protect me or my family. Most of these cops in small towns are severely overweight, get huge salaries and just sit in their cruisers. My friend is one of them. It's a joke. If they ever had to run after a real criminal with a gun, the criminal would kill 20 people and still get away. I respect the cops in tough cities because they earn their money and actually deal with real crime. The city cops make less than these cops in affluent towns. It's so messed up. The state troopers can be jerks but they have to stay in shape. All police officers, including local cops, should have to pass a physical every year instead of being a poster child for the Biggest Loser.

    I feel bad for most cops because they are just slaves to these wealthy home owners in these towns. The towns are controlled by the wealthy and are usually corrupt. The cops just have to realize that they should be on our side and that the wealthy aholes trying to own the ocean are the enemy.

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