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3 votes for Obama? Do you even pay attention to what's going on around you?
and now 13 votes for obama.

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This just tells me that somewhere between 40 and 75 % of surfers on this site are uninformed or completely ignorant.
let me guess. the ignorant percentage are those who have spoke out against obama right?

i'm not even conservative, and i can't stand obama. i couldn't stand bush either. i did vote obama in 2008, but i won't be voting obama in 2012 that's for damn sure. i don't like any of the other options. ron paul might be the lesser of all those evils, and i've liked some of the things herman cain has to say. i don't trust any politicians though. romney is the biggest joke, and i wouldn't vote for him either. i wouldn't vote palin, or pawlenty, or bachmann or gingrich. obama has been the biggest flop in a while. all the momentum he had going in he looked great, and then after about six months of him in office, and definitely after the first year i made up my mind i wouldn't vote for him again for sure. this health care thing is a load of crap too. i'll post more later, but i'll let the small consensus of obama supporters tell me i'm wrong.

in closing i have to say i won't belittle anyone who chooses to vote for obama, because that's your right. it's pretty obvious he's done nothing. many continued policies of bush as well. wars in iraq, and afghanistan, and this new bs in libya, and he lied, and was gonna close gitmo, and that didn't happen.