I agree that vast majority of the deficit was created under Republican leadership. Perhaps I would be more supportive of the Democratic plan if the details weren't so hard to come by & and they didn't pass the useless stimulus in the sneaky manner that they did. Pardon the anology, but it's like placing a few hundred more pounds on the camel's back because the previous loader unwisely loaded it up with a thousand pounds. When it's back breaks, who's to blame? I find it equally condemning to President Obama that any criticism of his policies are justified by a history lesson of the eight years of President Bush. It's my personal opinion that 3 years into a term, an improvement would be seen or even just a detailed plan laid out.

Again, I don't claim to know the finer details of economics, but it would seem that taxing the top 2% would have a pretty significant increase to them. If their tax bracket is 35% now, how much would it take to make the "difference" required to stabilize the economy? 45%? 50%? Does anybody think that the top 2% percent would actually hand over half of their income without finding ways to maintain their quality of life without negatively impacting the lower 98%? When you start taking half of a person's income, the principle of working for half the pay comes into play...and I can't see that not having even more negative repercussions. Closing tax loopholes, on the other hand, make perfect sense. Luxury taxes on properties and houses over certain sizes, perhaps? Higher tariffs on imported goods? I don't know. I do know, however, that when you're in a hole that's getting too deep to get out of, you stop digging. To say that we have no federally-funded programs that could be cut is ignorant.

In the end, it doesn't really matter because at this point, both sides know exactly where the budget is going to end. This latest fiasco is nothing more than early campaigning...on both parties' parts. They're both posturing for political gain. Unfortunately, I can't vote against Boehner, but I would if I could. He and President Obama are both, in my opinion, unworthy of their positions.