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We have a spending problem because Boehner, et al, cut taxes and spent on 2 wars and expanded gov't. Boehner has no credibility on the "blank check" statement because he gave Bush a blank check for 6 years when Rs controlled the house last time. The same house leadership that gave Bush everything he ever wanted and more the last time they were in charge are now crying about how Obama spent us here. No, Obama did not. Obama spending is 20% of the problem.

Its not bickering over numbers, its debating the facts of where we are and how we got here.

Once again We have a revenue problem just as much as a spending problem because Rs voluntarily CUT taxes while INCREASING spending.
the house leadership might be the same...but it's the freshmen Tea Party congressmen that are driving the agenda. They were not around with Bush. In fact they were elected because of the spending Bush did and the increased spending under Obama.
I feel like you are missing the point. It not who's fault it is or not....it's about doing the right thing NOW. I'm not some Bush or Boehner apologist.....I just want things done right. It's very simple. I think alot of Americans realize this. We shall let the elections speak for themselves.