In the water I admire the people who respect the authority of locals and give way to the more experienced in the line up especially during the summer and fall months. Most of the time when I am out at one of my usual spots I see a lot of new faces that aren't very good but still they try their hardest to improve their surfing. Although working to improve your surfing is good it is also very annoying when you have multiple new faces trying to take your wave without having the ability to pump properly, snap, bottom turn, etc. Most of the time when the waves are mushy the crowds don't get on my nerves but when the bigger waves come through it seems that the amount of beginner surfers rises astronomically and makes for a crowded inexperienced line up. This angers me because as a Local to most Southern Rhode Island surf spots I see a lot of this and I get really angry and bothered when I get snaked or dropped in on by one of these kooks. I support "Localism" and I think that beginners should be aware that we all learned sometime and if your not good enough rip the bigger and better waves then stay out of the line up and wait for a waist high day to come along where you can practice at one of the maybe 10 different peaks along the beach. And until your good enough to surf with the more advanced you should stay out of the water and maybe invest in a nice new camera along with a new beach chair. Does anyone agree?