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    Apr 2008
    channel-bottom single shaper loves channel bottoms and so do i.did the 5-fin bonzer thing from malcolm without success.i think i failed to connect my crappy beachbreak surfing with him.still intrigued.think i'd try a three-fin bonzer next time.

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    Nov 2009
    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    if you're ever in the ocnj area, i have a 6'4"x20.5"x2.75" bing bonzer 3 that you can try's mostly been a wall-hanger for me the past couple years, but she's in great shape.
    this thread & a board that came into the shop i work in a couple days ago have me pretty much convinced that i'm going to be making a fall trip to see scott about a channel bottom single of my own...i've been kicking it around a while & might as well pull the trigger, right? what's one more board...