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    Quote Originally Posted by MDSurfer View Post
    How can you do 50 joints and still ride a bike? That's just insane.
    ha, joints as in bar/restaurant establishments, but yeah, 50 joints would make a challenging bike ride.

    I think the best option is to double park in a no parking zone, blast your music, and scream profanity at them... oh yeah and have your girl wear a thong, those are illegal too. Virginia beach hates freedom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by live aloha View Post

    priceless man.

    That being said, I spent most of my time in VA Beach bike commuting and praying some a$$hole didn't run me over every single day. Perhaps the bike riders at the inlet are kooks; I certainly won't deny that. That doesn't account for the fact that some white trash idiot would clip me on a weekly basis, arousing my inner screaming banshee. I got so pissed once that I actually kicked a guy's rear view mirror off after he hit me and THEN started mouthing off. I'm a pacifist by nature, but if some idiot hits me because HE is not paying attention and I am obeying all traffic laws, in my mind he has forfeited the right to have me not damage his car in whatever way I feel appropriate. Remember, you hit us and you get a scrape, but we DIE. Who do you think is more pissed here???

    Spot on !

    I ride a road bike up here in northern VA. The cage drivers are deadly. What with speeding, drugs, alcohol, texting, cel phones, emails, dikkin around with their cd's, dvd's & wtf else, they aren't focused on driving their 2-ton steel cage & thus they become killers. I try to stay on the paved trails (we're lucky to have many of the rails-to-trails in our region) - - 'cause the streets are a study in ride to survive.

    Along the lines of what you indicated, LA, the punishment under the law for the cage drivers who kill bicyclists are a joke. They kill, we die, they roll off under probation.

    BTW, those morning road cyclists on those roads to SB are nuts.....no way would I ride there. Too narrow, too twisty, no room for both the motorized steel cage & a biker. The biker loses, big-time.
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    Like this?

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    live aloha - great story! Once while cycling a 2 lane road, a driver on the other side of the road drifted across the center line (not paying attention of course), and then when he looked up and realized where he was, he layed on the horn and flipped me off!!! he had drifted into the ONCOMING traffic lane, and still felt somehow that I was in the wrong. crazy. had he of stopped, a rear-view-mirror-kick-off would have been appropriate.

    drunk people and tourists give bicycling a bad name. and others simply believe the road is no place for bikes (even though they have a legal right to be there). In most cases there's room for both...a little patience from both parties goes a long way.

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    Time to revive the boardwalk surf nazis from the early 80's. Beach cruisers w/ 3' wide handlebars, foot pegs and bad attitudes clearing the bike path of all tourons.

    Pro tip: pulling a wheelie puts your front tire at nose height and always gets their attention. I absolutely HATE those 6-man buggys!

    And yes, I will run your boogie board over if you lay it across the bike path while you and your family of 8 take a full shampoo bath at the boardwalk shower.

    /rant over

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    Pay close attention to the people who rent those 6 person bikes. They must not have those in India.... I almost want to throw the driver a couple rupees and have him take me to the pier!

    But yeah... bad bike operation is usually because they are so SMASHED! 100 bikes in front of watermans + 1000 orange crushes * 50 other joints at the beach = total sh*t show in the bike lane.

    IF you think that's bad, go to Amsterdam. Hell, go to amsterdam anyways just for the hookers and drugs

    The studs right, those people are drunk. And they aren't always tourists. I would venture to guess that 1/4 of every person living within a mile from the ocean front owns a beach cruiser. And they use them to ride down to the strip, get drunk, cruise around, get more drunk, cruise around, get a little bit more drunk, and then they might go home or get more drunk depending on whether they have to work in the morning.

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    I'm detecting a bit of weather here. What should we do?
    Stay Above it!!! Stay Above the Weather!!!

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    Just got done pumping up my tires, let's ride!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stayabovetheweather View Post
    Stay Above it!!! Stay Above the Weather!!!
    Stop sniffing your own crotch, ya twit. You're an infliction on the rest of humanity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Stop sniffing your own crotch, ya twit. You're an infliction on the rest of humanity.
    hahahaha! awesome!