This may be a little out the area But check out this my younger brothers business out of Newark, Md. its about 15min outside of ocean city, md. as a reference of location. he has been shaping and glassing for about 2 years now hes been surfing since he was a grom and knows his stuff. his prices are cheap and his boards are on point, he will generally have a customer come right to his shop and and shape the blank in front of you with all of your input going right into the board. there really isnt much money in shaping boards he does it for the love of surfing{ the way it should be }. he acctually works full time with me as a carpenter, so his boards take a little longer to complete but are worth the wait. you wont be disappointed as the board is made custom for your size and weight. as his biggest critic i wouldn't have posted this if i didn't firmly belive the customer would be 100%satisfied. he and i have shaped 3 boards together for myself and now i dont wana ride anything else, also he will do eps or poly and let u design a custom paint job, anyway check it out, thanks for reading this post Sincerely Rob Barbely.