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    modify full suit into spring suit?

    got a new 3/2 full suit. is it stupid to cut my arms and legs out of my old one to make a spring suit? i live in south NC, and we only need a spring for about 2 weeks out of the year. should i cut into short sleaves or vest?? or not bother. thanks

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    Is it a really cheap full suit? If it's a good full suit, sell it and buy yourself a springsuit and maybe even a vest as well with the money you get out of the full suit . . .

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    8 yrs old

    the old wet suit is 8 yrs. old and has several patches and still some minor leakage. i don't think i could get very much for it. very willing to keep it a full suit back up, also willing to cut it up if people have had any luck w/ that.???? thanks

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    I had success cutting only the sleeves off of an old 3/2. The sleeves had lost all their elasticity, I was over it. Worked great for 3 more years as a sleeveless full. Didn't have much warmth left, but it was just enough for those spring days when the water is still chilly.

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