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    There are about 200 riverkeeper programs worldwide, with more than 100 in the US. We are all licensed by an organization called Waterkeeper Alliance The Delaware Riverkeeper program was one of the first Riverkeepers in the US, and a founding member of Waterkeeper Alliance.

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    Bartend in OCMD. Graduated from UMD-College Park in December. Looking for a more permanent/professional job once the season winds down. Really enjoying this thread... great ideas.

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    This is a very interesting thread. I'll be in my senior year at UD for a BS in coastal and marine geoscience this fall. Right now I'm an intern for a hydrogeologist at the Delaware Geological Survey and work part-time as a 911 dispatcher and Police Aide Supervisor.

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    dirty jersey
    Im a union pipefitter... Seems like theres not many construction workers who surf

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    Border Patrol.

    Sometimes I'm landlocked, sometimes not....I tend to get shipped around a specialties seem to be in demand. So if I'm anywhere within a 2-5 hour drive, I'm on it.

    3 more years until I retire on my beachfront property in the Pacific Northwest. Stoked.

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    Yo Kidrock- Where are you @ nowadays? We surfed some cold ones down inOBX a year or so ago. Hope you are doing well

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    pedicabber! also giving private music lessons (guitar, bass, DJing) along with playing assorted gigs gets me by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTS View Post
    Yo Kidrock- Where are you @ nowadays? We surfed some cold ones down inOBX a year or so ago. Hope you are doing well
    Hey Jimi,

    good to hear from ya bro. I'm still in Tejas but I've been back and forth between here and Port Angeles, Washington. Hopefully I'll be offered a permanent move up there soon. Got some good surf near Westport, WA back in April while I was talking to a builder about my property. Almost as cold as an OBX winter, LOL.

    Did I ever send you any pix of those good days I caught in OCMD? If not, let me know. Fairly epic....

    Just got back from a month in Harper's Ferry (I know, I know) ha ha. Stay soulful, my brother.

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    Glad to hear you are still getting some surf. Texas is definitely NOT the place to be this summer, makes the East Coast seem mild in comparison.
    I never saw those pics, but would like to I will send you a PM with my email
    Talk to you later bro

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    i applied and took the written test. havent heard a thing since. learning the artificial language was a *****