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    New Wilmington Bodyboarder

    Hey all.

    I am new to the Wilmington area and new to bodyboarding. From what I can tell, there are not to many people bodyboarding around here. Can anybody give me a heads up as to where the best bodyboard spots are?
    I am not into any drama and just want to have fun out in the water. It seems like Fort Fisher is a pretty quite spot to just do my own thing. Do conditions vary quite a bit between CB and FF on any given day?

    Thanks for any insight and help anyone (body or surf) can give me.

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    This isn't a title that's likely to get you a lot of responses. Just FYI.

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    Dude look for a good bar breaking on a decent swell. You might avoid spots like South End of WB on big days on a boggie board but other than that you should be cool. You should be able to find most any spot on wind swells but might need to hunt on bigger ground swells to find a spot to hold and focus the wave. Use a map and the tools on here and you will find a wave.

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    I have been bodyboarding around here for a long time. Our waves are not exactly ideal for bodyboarding but we do have our days. I end up riding my longboard a lot in the summer. Just do what rcarter says and just look around at different spots at different tides and Swell Info provides good forecasting tools. Maybe we will get some swell from that storm Sunday- Monday

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    What is the draw of body boarding? There is more skill (IMO) and speed involved in surfing and on the east coast there are more opportunities to surf slop than mess around on a bogey board. Not trying to start a surfer/sponger war, just asking a question.

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    Something about getting tucked in a little tube on my bodyboard I love. I love it on a a surfboard to but I find it hard because when we do get barrels they are usually small. I view all tricks and carving just something to do when there is not a tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    What is the draw of body boarding? There is more skill (IMO) and speed involved in surfing ...
    That's just it for me, there's more skill in surfing and that skill takes time to develop and maintain. I just can't make surfing a priority in my life right now. I don't regret that at all, I have plenty of other things to be happy about like my beautiful 2 yo daughter. I've pretty much given up the surfboard for now because I don't get out often enough to enjoy it when I do. The bodyboard however is easier to have fun on if you ride infrequently. I still get out whenever I can, keep my wave reading and riding skills somewhat intact, and most importantly keep up my respect and love for the ocean. I may one day return to surfing when I have more time, or maybe not.

    This is just my view, there are plenty of people who dedicate lots of time to bodyboarding because they just like the feeling of speed you get when your face is 12" off the water.