Just wondering if anyone knows if this may be contributing to this atrocious summer of surf....Satellite images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show a large bloom of algae stretching much of the 127-mile length of New Jersey\\'s coastline. The bloom is noted to be nearly 50 miles wide in some locations and is particularly dense between Barnegat Inlet and Cape May.

I mean, I'm assuming this would break up every short period wind swell that attempted to get through to the coast....those little ones that create that hour window off offshore little barrels in the morning......I mean...there has been nothing! Not even afternoon wind slop (of which I'd gladly paddle into now and enjoy just a drop and a turn).

Secondly, or has it been beach replenishment? And if so where? And how can we stop it? I mean 3 - 4 foot jack-ups imploding on the shore line isn't going to benefit anyone (swimmer, surfer, boogers, wader, skimmer, or jackass pondering life looking in the other direction).

Thirdly, has it just been lack of absolute swell? I mean I don't think I've seen a swell period over 6 since June? Can this be the problem? Can anyone help me with answers, save me from myself this summer?