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  1. Earthquake, Hurricane Irene, Whats next?

    Earthquake:So as we all know we had an earthquake here on the east coast, and might I say it was the coolest thing i've ever experienced. But who was in the ocean or on the beach when it happened? I would like to know how it felt there!

    Hurricane Irene:The East Coast is getting waves from 5-40 foot? Sounds pretty awesome, but who actually has the balls to go out there? I would ride clean 20 foot, but from what i'm hearing the ocean is going be crazy! 50-70 mph on shore winds? that would blow you off your board! So who on here is planning to go out in this? And sad news, but my aunt says Ocean City, MD is most likely going to be evacuated. She is with Ocean City counsel so she would know

    What's next?
    Tsunami... ???

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    riding 20 foot waves? yeah i dont think so (no offense)

  3. i would bodyboard them.. not surf

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    I was out on a boat in about 60 feet of water when it hit and didn't feel a damn thing.

    I don't think anything is going out surfing in 50-70 knot onshore winds. Might get some waves before or after though...

    As far as OCMD being evacuated that sounds awesome to me. There is no way that a 3-4 foot high sea-wall is holding back a full blown hurricane, if it comes to that. And the last thing oc needs is a bunch of tourists in town when emergency crews are trying to work.

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    Yeah... lots of sand moving.. but no surfing. MOST Nj surfers cant handle 20ft. Unless you frequent hawaii or such.... no matter what you guys say. 7ft. is big.... there calling for 15+! with 50 mph winds. Like said... there will be surfing before and after the storm.

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    is she going to make landfall in NJ at all? do you guys think its worth considering evacuation this early

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    To early to evacuate in my mind. But it's your choice. You'll definitely beat the traffic if it comes to that. But, I think as the week goes on the forecast will put Irene further and further offshore. As of now, I'll be focusing on the clean up on Sunday.

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    MSW is calling 23ft with 19ft @ 14 seconds with onshore winds of 36mph and gusts of 47mph . Its gonna be a mess even if they are right which we all know that they are never are

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    who is your aunt??? jumping the gun a bit but a cat 1 isn't going to evacuated any1

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    I'm going out whether or not OCMD gets evacuated. but they also said that about earl last year and I surfed while earl was closest to us. Also, the waves wont break 15 foot, there is no way we'll have 40 foot waves. the wind was 60 mph last year though and I surfed it, so its possible