Ok. I got back from a 10 day OBX vacation a few days ago. I saw some dumb sh!t, at least in my mind. So New Rules:

1. While it great for people to learn to surf and enjoy the ocean, PLEASE, at least know how to swim first! No joke, I saw a 45 yr old man learning to surf wearing a life perserver! Really? It didn't help he was inside at the first peak at the lighthouse, but that's another story

2. If you insist on teaching someone how to surf, PLEASE, at least know how to surf yourself. I saw a few people trying to teaching their kids to surf, and they couldn't stand up themselves. Beginners need to learn etiquette and safety and that ain't happening.

So what's up with all those NSP boards? Are surf shops who rent boards ruining the line up for everyone else? Touchy subject - it's great for the shops. Great for the people who want to try surfing for a day or two. But pretty much ruins the line up for anyone who knows what they're doing. The lighthouse was seriously over run with novices creating SERIOUSLY dangerous situations. Just a fact of life I suppose with the popularity of surfing on the rise. But seriously, why does someone from Quebec need to learn to surf anyhow? And why is the OBX overrun with folks from Quebec?