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I read this thread last night and decided to try my luck at first street this morning. What a joke!!! How many idiots can you really pack into a 2 block area? Those surfrider personalized plates are really cute too, dudes. My favorite was "surfdad" that's f*cking brilliant! How long did you sit around dreaming that one up? How do I, who never surfs there, paddle through all of you (who always surf there) and get the best waves? Too busy dreaming up your next license plate?

So in short... DON'T REJOICE JUST YET!
yea, well...1st street is always a ****-show...esp. this time of year. labor day weekend, you just gotta expect crowds. complaining about crowds labor day weekend is like complaining about the cold in january...i was simply rejoicing in a small taste i got of what's to come...on tuesday!!