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    New Surfer- Monmouth County NJ

    Hey guys,

    I recently learned how to surf on a trip down to the OBX. It was fantastic! Ive skated and snowboarded all my life so I had no problem picking it up. I was looking for advice on a spot to surf in Monmouth county since I live in Red Bank. I was looking for a relatively calmer spot where I wouldn't get in the way of the experienced guys and also a spot that wasn't a total shore break since I've never liked hurtling face first into sand. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks everyone!!!

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    Oh boy...stick to the slopes kiddo...haha!
    No just kidding...good luck to ya!

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    spend a day driving from mb to deal and check some spots out yourself. don't paddle out where guys are killing it and you'll just get in the way. look for waves where you can tell the more inexperienced surfers are.

    the waves are not going to be as good as the better spots, but you have to earn the right to surf there.

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    Just like motion stated,do some exploring.Take a ride to different beaches.When the forecast looks good this is the best time to go check out breaks.Usually when you see alot of guys surfing one break its usually a decent one.When you check out spots try to go around medium tide.Many times we get caught in the routine of surfing the same spot.I haven't been able to surf now for a few weeks now do to broken ribs but before it happened I was sufing one of my backup spots with a couple friends and it was firing.I asked myself,why in the heck am I not surfing here more. Breaks change over time.Whats good 1 year might not be that great down the road.So bottom line check out many.As far as a newbie goes I highly recommend the book the Surfers Code.

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    go straight to manasquan inlet - cool vibe friendly locals - tell em scotty sent you

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    manasquan inlet haha

    read up:
    surfline's bill of lefts and rights

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    Quote Originally Posted by bueno View Post
    go straight to manasquan inlet - cool vibe friendly locals - tell em scotty sent you
    Is this some kind of trick? I tried that an hour ago, got sucker punched in the face