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    Cops Love Surfing

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    this is great dude those cops are assholes

  3. f*** the police

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    hell yea. good work boys.

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    Those guys are awesome. I would have done the same thing, **** the police

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    The worst part about this is, the storms over, suns tryin to peak out at that point, yet the cops follow orders to keep people off the avenue and the boardwalk?

    Come on police, how can you blindly follow such stupid orders to keep people away from the avenue itself?

    This sh*t pisses me off big time, and yea come a few more weeks, there will be no tax payers $$ put into preventing this from happening. All about the summer media man.


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    "I heard thats the cop that gave The Situation a blow job" +1

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    what a bunch of boners those cops are. of the police state!!

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    clean wet and chesty

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    See it's funny. Cops, like everyone else, have a job to do. Whether you like it or not, they take orders and have to follow them. Why do people feel the need to act like douche bags and try to taunt them when they are only doing their job. Please, let them know where YOU work so they can stop by and heckle you for doing something your boss made you do. And I really like the kid who said "... get a real job". Son, cops protect people every day and do so without asking for a 'good job' or 'thank you'. THEY put their lives on the line. The majority of people don't have the balls to do their jobs, yet you get people like this who just have to open their big mouths to yell insults. Here's an idea, next time you actually need a cop to help you out in a situation, try to handle it yourself. See how well that goes.

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