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    don't bite the hand that feeds. i foresee a scripted apology from Bobby in the near future. or maybe not? either way, dumb move on his part. he had a few good years left in him. plus, whoever said his surfing is outdated or whatever is an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scobeyville View Post
    On the real though, he makes some solid points - No chance in hell that anyone coming into the second half of this years tour will have any shot of winning. So it pretty much turns into a 16 man battle for the world title - Kellys winning anyway so it doesnt really matter

    When did anyone from the bottom 15-20 at the half way mark make a serious run at the title? Those guys aren't in the competition at that point anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfer666 View Post
    Bobby is right. the cutoff is to allow younger surfers in the sales demographic of theyre sponsors to gain exposure without having to take the time to qualify. Think of it as a fast track for people like kolohe adino at the expense of the bottom 20. The new half of people have no chance of a world title and are fodder for the top 20 while making the asp and sponsors a ton more money.
    The new guys are qualifying. There getting the points they need to get in.
    If a current tour surfer isn't winning on the CT, but thinks their surfing is still better than the new guys they have the chance to prove that too. If the CT guy is below the cutoff they are losing more than they are winning. If they aren't getting the points on the CT, they aren't surfing at that high caliber level of surfing. They need to surf against the up and comers to prove they still belong. Beating the new guys will take points away from them and add points to the CT guy helping him stay on tour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    But... professional surfing is full of big machines using talented people to make money. That's the nature of the industry. It's done some good for the sport, and some evil. But one thing seems very clear to me... the machines don't care if the pros in the sport are drug addicts, thugs, or any other form of self-destructing talent, as long as they have something to market. It happens over and over again, and that attitude has cost lives. Why doesn't the machine care? Because talent in surfing is fleeting, and the next new hot shot is standing in line waiting for a niche to open up... kinda like porn stars... they don't call it "surf porn" for nothing..
    You're right ..... Sometimes the exploitation sickens you, like Zach619 stated Bobby's a product of his roots and its a shame it came back to haunt him as a perfect marketing strategy for FTW. If this was, as Swellinfo & others previously stated certainly appears to be a marketing ploy by FTW? Then FTW should also be held culpable for their negligence tarishing the Event. If FTW doesn't release Bobby or announce a public statement of Bobby's behavior somewhat paints a picture of their true intentions. ASP Officials and other Sponsors as well should not tolerate this behavior if FTW was compensatory.

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    I don't really follow the tour very closely at all. Not really my thing. I've never heard of Martinez before. Now I have. So I guess it worked.

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    He was never THAT talented. He was GOOD. He couldnt keep up with the curve. His airs arent huge. His barrels arent either. He has a pretty sick backside hack, which this day in age doesnt qualify you as tour material....

    Never THAT talented? I dunno. In the super progressive... judo air or backflip reo combo... sense then no. But dudes on tour, while more progressive than in years past, aren't busting that stuff in heats on the regular or at all. In the tour surfer sense... I say yes. He's won contests (3 or 4) in the past and even 'Chopes twice. That says something for his talent. The majority of ASP surfers past and present can claim even 3 or 4 WCT victories in the 5 years Bobby did it (or even at all). Contest wins and titles are dominated mostly by a small percentage of repeat performers. In the 30 years since I was born there have only been 12 or 13 World champs... Slater 10, MR 4, AI 3, Curren 3, Carroll 2, Hardman 2, Fanning 2. Look at contest results to date since 2000 there have been 32 winners at 122 ASP Contests!!!!

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    too bad hes gangster punk a55 idiot. so many people think theyre so hard that they s h i t on themselves when theyre young and regret it later. great surfer yes, nadds for saying what he feels yes.jackass,most deff. he will regret it p s. if he feels exploited or whatever then his issues are beyond surfing. most every competitive surfers dream is the tour. they know what theyre in for. whiny *****
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    heres a post interview that surfline put up. http://www.surfline.com/video/contes...-the-asp_59305

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    I kinda feel that It was all a ploy to promote FTW too. He cant be pissed about the waves cause if NYC waves were better than the waves at J-Bay's event . Maybe he was mad the locals rippers competing agianst the best in the world with out coming up in the ranks who knows? I just feel that He went about it the wrong way and he forgets how good he has it . He dotn have to balance a job, School , family and, Surifng . He just has to remeber to be on the plane at a cetain time to make sure he brings the right boards. HE GETS PAID TO HAVE FUN AND SURF!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he should go work and walmart and become humble agian.
    Comparing this to Sunny's incident is like comparing apples and oranges. Bobby choose to talk like a moron on broken english. Sunny beat the crap out of some guy cause his kids was riding his father coat tail and it caught up to him .

    I hope it was worth it for Bobby thats all I can say

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    bobby's probably part owner of FTW or got a huge payout for that nonsense