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    testies miserable

    My testies are miserbale in my spring suit. They ride up and divide my ball sack into two halves making it hard to enjoy the surf or to pay attention. So I tug on the legs and pull them down and then it's okay until I get busy paddling and cathing the next wave. Then slowly, sometimes rapidly it rises again to paralyze and divide my manhood.
    Do i have the wrong size suit or is this normal for spring suits?
    Am I just too well hung?
    I'd like to wear it more often but when I'm chilly i must wear a full suit.

    peace chicken grease

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    i dont think having a big nutsack is considered being well hung, but i think you should make an effort to keep the whole unit on one side or the other. when the suit constricts, you might have to adjust a little but it will keep you from getting some kind of crazy ballbag wedgie

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    Why not try a pair of rashguard shorts under the suit?

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    Similar thing happened to me a few times in my new 4/3 wetsuit when first entering the water...pressure was craaaazy. Try getting some air/water down there by pulling on the neck of your suit. That worked for me...good luck to you and your boys.

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    Your suit is the wrong size, or that brand may just be a bad fit for you. The suit is cut for someone with a shorter torso.

    There's a lot of variation in the cut from brand to brand in the same size range. The stretchier the neoprene, the more forgiving it will be.

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    One alternative would be emasculation.

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    thats called frog eyes . its the male version of camel toe. wait til you hit your 40s. larry king once sat on one of his during an interview. good times

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    duct tape your appendage to either your right or left thigh

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    I would just cut your genitals off, with a shark tooth that has washed up on the beach

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    If your serious about surfing you should remember to remember about your ball sack when wetsuit shopping. Its all about being comfortable. The oneil heat i have has enough room in the crotch section for ron jeremy.

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