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Getting into front-zip and no-zip suits isn't so bad. Getting out of them when you are cold and wet is a pain in the butt. The first time I had to exit my front-zip 5/4 was embarassing. I had to flag down a passing jogger to help me. Talk about male bonding!

If at all possible, find a warm place to change out of your suit. An unused parking garage or elevator lobby in a condo building, the bathrooms at Assateague, something like that. If it is cold and windy, you should be surfing with a buddy anyway, so you and your buddy can help each other out (there is NO double entendre in this statement!!). Wearing a rashie under your suit helps, too.

The newer suits with smaller access areas are warmer and more flexible than the old-school back-zips and definitely prevent flushing.

My 15 year old daughter wants a winter suit for christmas this year, so any advice for good fits for a young girl 5-6/125 will definitely be appreciated!
My fiance got her 1st suit last winter. She got an Xcel x-zip 4.3 and absolutely loves it. it's the same thing i use and wouldn't change it for anything. She's 5'4/5'5 and about 100-105 and she wears a size 4 womens suit. not sure if it helps too much but maybe it helps to point in the right direction? maybe try like a size 5 or 6?