For the past 2 years, my go-to board has been a 5"10 x 19 7/8 x 2 1/4 thruster. A little wider in the nose, sharp rails, and a step-down rounded tail. I had been really interested in experimenting with a quad setup, so I finally got around to taking out a demo board yesterday - the 5"6 spitfire by firewire. It's a 5 fin setup, but was setup as a quad when i demo'd.

I had heard that quads had a lot of drive...but I was really suprised by the feel of this board. Super loose, and didn't have the type of drive that I expected. honestly felt more like a twin fin than anything. It seemed to want to be ridden rail-to-rail, with my weight more in the middle of the board. I also found it hard to use my back foot for digging in on turns - not as much grab as i'm used to.

SO - I'm sure I would learn to surf the quad setup better after a few sessions, but I wanted to get some feedback in general from people who have experimented with both setups. Is what i've described the normal quad feel? or do i just need to adjust?