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    Gruvi working off the "Kook" status

    Hi Dudes.
    Just writing that I'm still on AI and will be surfing all week here. Trying to get used to the bi fin fish. I mean I'm trying to catch a wave on it after I get used to where board wants to have me on it and I learn how much more paddle stroke it needs to hook up with a wave. My funboard being repaired and ready for this Thursday is so much easier to paddle and grab waves. I can't wait to bond with the fish. I had a guy want to buy it from me at the beach yesterday and his exhuberance about wanting it told me I got a board that's gotta be worth getting to know.
    Now I know many here won't believe me- I went out yesterday, Sunday and out toward head high lips. I learned paddling out was so hard and tiring and I am impressed I even got to the edge of the inside. Less than 30 feet away from the line up; My arms were too tired to carry me further. What a workout though. I was told by one of the surf shop guys I'm not a real kook if I "charged out into board breakin' waves". And I really did try but I am so sore today. I took day off to rest and will go out again tomorrow 10/4.
    I also restarted using a useless Twitter account to share with guys that may want to twit back advice as they read my daily tweets about my surfing outings. My twitter ID is gruvi12 if you want to follow along with a guy trying hard to rid his "Kook"
    Thanks for any more advice Guys!
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