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Thread: mini-simmons

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    I agree with JTS!

    Hey there just wanted to chime in and add a few things. I think the minisimmons definately has a place in the quiver for our waves. They are very functional for our beachbreaks... They are really fun in slopey beachbreak and fun and challenging in hollow waves.

    "Yes they are really better for lined up waves and tend to spin, slide and otherwise bounce around in chop, wind and sectioning surf."
    -I respectfully disagree. There are large keel style fins placed far back on the tail that keep these boards really drivey feeling. Your biggest problem will be outrunnung the wave onto the shoulder. Once you have ridden a simmons for a while, you can learn how to use this to your advantage. Keep swooping turns back into the pocket.

    "Get a fish, Biscuit, Dumpster Diver type shortboard and you will have the most fun round here."
    - dont get me wrong, these boards are super fun, but a simmons will complement one nicely and work when the waves are mushy.

    If you want to look at a few of these boards in a shop and speak to a knowledgable staff, try going to Surf City. Those guys are very up on the newest stuff goin on with surfboard shapes. There is a lot of different stuff out there to ride. Some folks still think that there are only fish, shortboards and longboards. Why limit yourself?

    If you want to buy one, definately choose a shaper who has made a few of these. There is a lot going on in that little shape. Fin placement, rails etc are very different than other types of boards out there.

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    Pollo I agree that a Simmons has it place in a quiver if you already have a few other boards but as a main rider or a go to small mushy choppy beach break it is not the best or most logical choice. Of course they "can" be surfed in the pocket and in big stuff with out sliding out but not by most surfers. Look at Curren riding maxed out Japan on a 5'5" twin keeled fish. Obviously most surfers would not choose or be able ride that board in those conditions. Same holds true for the Simmons. I do however think after riding a few over the years that they are a super fun ride in a variety of waves, and yes for sure choose a shaper who is very familiar with these boards.

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    i got interested in the min-Simmons because i'm looking for the most fun i can have on a small (knee-thigh high) summer day in CB without riding a long board. My main board at the moment is a Jimmy Keith Whiskey fish, which works pretty well in anything bigger...but unfortunately, that's not very often, here in the summer.

    so it's been a fun discussion, and i loved the Simmons stuff that respecttheocean posted...and the question becomes: what's the best small board (for an average-size adult, of average surfing ability) in small NC summer mush?
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    [QUOTE=...and the question becomes: what's the best small board (for an average-size adult, of average surfing ability) in small NC summer mush?[/QUOTE]

    Man, Hanna, with that question, you will no doubt get MANY opinions. And they are just that, as with mine, opinions. However, there are so many varieties of boards that you can ride in our typical small and mushy summer surf. You have your fishes, biscuits, dumpster divers, simmons inspired boards, sweet potatos, eggs....etc.... In my opinion, the firewire sweet potato is a different design and has a ton of volume for their length. My buddy loves his and it's the 5'8. Just a different design. So many options.

    In my opinion, there are two main questions to ask yourself that will cover your question asked: "How much volume am I looking for?" & "What feeling am I looking for." Now, I am currently getting an egg with a modified displacement hull being shaped by Eavey. I just want that smooth flow and this board should be pretty versatile. However, I also surf Jimmy Keith's (best epoxy boards out there in my opinion). I could ride my 6'2 whiskey fish in pretty darn small surf, as long as it had some shape. I had another board by Jimmy called the 'experience,' and that is a great small wave board as well. Personally for me, at this moment, I am just looking for something completely different and a completely different feeling from my other boards.

    This is a great post you started Hanna! Much better than the usual hating I read on here!
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    I would def get a mini simmons, if you haven't ridden one don't assume you know how they ride. It is really nothing like any other board out there. Greg Eavey makes a sick simmons and has been for awhile. Go to Surf City they have some EPS Gary Wilson simmons as well. I've ridden a simmons in small mush, to really good surf. They go great either way, and no one can catch a wave under you.

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    mini simmons

    they work great.
    this is a photo of me on small, perfect surf.
    really fun.

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    this is the shaper;
    Chris Chrisenson. he knows how to make them correctly.
    his model is called Ocean Racer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgoodrich View Post
    this is the shaper;
    Chris Chrisenson. he knows how to make them correctly.
    his model is called Ocean Racer.
    Yeah, I am a fan of Christenson. The board Eavey is shaping for me is actually based off his Submariner model. I like his small wave designs. However, I think there is something to be said for going with a local shaper who not only knows our waves, but surfs them right along side of us. Definitely check out Christenson's site though! Speaking of Christenson, he is in a video I just downloaded that is pretty cool called the Grey Whale Sessions with Keith Malloy, Tyler Warren, and G-Love. A different type video about a trip south of the boarder. G-Love can surf pretty good! He also does the soundtrack....
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    I know Jeff at South End Surf Shop on Wrightsville surfs a mini simmons all the time and loves it. I'm pretty sure he has one in stock too. You should give him a call sometime. 910.256.1118

    I've seen him riding it on a small glassy day, shoulder high on the peak with long waist high lines on the shoulder at the south end; and he can get some rediculous speed on that thing making a lot of sections other guys were getting caught behind. He was also able to do a lot of fast cutbacks.

    Seems like an easy board to catch waves on too because of how much volume it has. Though I have not ridden one myself.


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    el pelicano fish

    though my recent kelly richards (perfection) kustom is not a true simmons this is where i have landed after asking myself many of the same questions above. mostly, is it even viable given the lack of long walled point-style waves here? my resounding answer would be yes. although i believe you should note the same caveats as any chop whatsoever makes these boards not as fun.

    here's where this came from.

    1 - i dove head first into the alaia craze and bought a blank from jon wegener to create my own. 1a - quickly learned it's great for belly boarding but not really good standing up here without super clean long waves.

    2 - decided alaias won't work so i dove neck deep into the displacement hulls being made for rincon/malibu type waves.

    3 - decided a 6' 2+1 stubby might seem a little passe here without real waves 75% of the year.

    4 - i'm probably not going to california any time soon.

    5 - found this:

    6 - decided i could probably use a fish/simmons/hull hybrid here on the fun small clean days and, Lord willing, the good cleanish tropical swell-fueled surf north/south of south carolina.

    7 - waited and watched a couple years as the simmons hybrids take off in europe and elsewhere. 7a - lost a job and got a new job, so it was time for a surfboard.

    8 - talked kr into taking a shot at my vision.

    the specs:
    5'9" slightly hulled (round bottom) in the nose into a slight spiral v in the tail between the fins. rails almost tons of pinch in the rails to the diamond tail.

    ride report:
    first good swell on this guy was in south carolina. stomach to chest early summer swell in july performed fantastic. lots of glide across the front of the board and plenty of speed off the tail, but very hard to transition between the two on the same wave. if you start gliding down the face you can hold that line forever and if you start over the fins and get speed she turns on the rails well. it paddles like a canoe. fast fast. next time i got here back was the irene and katia swells in southern north carolina. definitely pushing her limits getting out the gate on the steeper waves. i got a double barrel from katia across a huge section of carolina beach sand, but i started off on the shoulder. not so much into her critical drops, but so much fun trying.

    i love this board. thanks kelly richards, ryan lovelace, and blake brown for making my dreams come true. ride what fuels your stoke.
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