I agree with JTS!

Hey there just wanted to chime in and add a few things. I think the minisimmons definately has a place in the quiver for our waves. They are very functional for our beachbreaks... They are really fun in slopey beachbreak and fun and challenging in hollow waves.

"Yes they are really better for lined up waves and tend to spin, slide and otherwise bounce around in chop, wind and sectioning surf."
-I respectfully disagree. There are large keel style fins placed far back on the tail that keep these boards really drivey feeling. Your biggest problem will be outrunnung the wave onto the shoulder. Once you have ridden a simmons for a while, you can learn how to use this to your advantage. Keep swooping turns back into the pocket.

"Get a fish, Biscuit, Dumpster Diver type shortboard and you will have the most fun round here."
- dont get me wrong, these boards are super fun, but a simmons will complement one nicely and work when the waves are mushy.

If you want to look at a few of these boards in a shop and speak to a knowledgable staff, try going to Surf City. Those guys are very up on the newest stuff goin on with surfboard shapes. There is a lot of different stuff out there to ride. Some folks still think that there are only fish, shortboards and longboards. Why limit yourself?

If you want to buy one, definately choose a shaper who has made a few of these. There is a lot going on in that little shape. Fin placement, rails etc are very different than other types of boards out there.