I love reading posts when I am bored at work. However as some folks have stated and others stormed of the forum page (only to come back a week later), the quality of posts is down considerably. Ugh.... Wave Jet x 4, quad x 4, costa rica x 20, ding repair x 10,000, this weekend x 1 million. So I used the search function , like so many others do not, and saw nothing on the topic so here is my attempt to inject some interesting conversation back into the forum. Who is an icon of surfing? To you who best represents what a surfer is or the type of surfer you most identify with? We are all different... some old timers... some grom... some \"lets make surfing a sport\"... some resent attempts to make surfing a gay fashion show. Stipulations:
1. NO KELLY OR LAIRD (we know they are the best in their respective niche)
2. Can be from any era but nothing ancient no .... Duke references
3. Can be local
4. Defend your answer
Lets hear it.........................