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    I would put them both into service.

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    i was wondering how long it would take...

    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    You wear a 4/3 in San Diego?
    ...for a "your a pv$$y 'cause you get cold" response. aspersions aside, i have two oneill psycho 4/3's that i rotate simply because the drying time seems so long. i also agree that by the time 2 years passes, there will be a new way to step up. enjoy the dry suit each time.

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    [QUOTE=zach619;110888]So, the wife stoked me out and got me the Oneill Psycho Freak 3.5 Mill last christmas. Since I had the baby coming and now she is here, I am really only surfing about 3 times per week, 4 max.

    Have a baby coming in Feb,Im hoping I can surf once a week.Wow 3 to 4.More power to you man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    You wear a 4/3 in San Diego?
    haha, EVERYBODY wears a 4/3 in SD now. Even when it's 65 degrees.

    Zach, a 3/2 works fine up to 58 degrees, as long as you're sporting some 2 or 3 mil booties when it gets around 62. But it's your noggin....wear what suits you (no pun intended). I'd probably rock the 4/3 on those cold-azz mornings with stiff offshores.

    Just rinse the suckers regularly, no need for all the fancy shampoos and conditioners. You're probably gonna just go with a new model after 3 winters, anyways.

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    Op B you lucky MF. I do the same now and usually keep my suit on until I get home where I take it off in the shower. I get clean and so does the suit.

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    theres really no need to buy "wetsuit shampoo".... I just rinse mine out in the shower with water, but you could use regular soap or shampoo too.

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    I feel terrible for Zach. How do you manage only surfing 3-4 times per week with the newborn? We'll all say a prayer for you....haha. I only wish i had it that bad. unfortunately i've only been out ~10x all year due to a very busy work schedule, kids, travel to the beach.

    i really hope you count your lucky stars ever single day that you have it this good!

    i'm looking to double my sessions this year with a potential trip out to S. Orange county / N. SD county in Nov. You ever surf up in N. San Diego or do you stay South?

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    I have a question, typically up to how long will the manufacturer honor the wetsuit repair guarantee?

    My 3 y/o xcel 3/2 has some seams that have separated, but I don't have the receipt anymore, or anything else that documents when and where I bought the suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    I am really only surfing about 3 times per week, 4 max. So my suit did not take its normal 7 days per week beating....
    ....So jelly

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    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    You wear a 4/3 in San Diego?
    Yeah. San Diego has not gotten warm water in 3 years. It maxed out a 68-69 the past two summer, which to me is 3 mil country. Its still not warm... Then in the winter, when you are out in deep ass water on the cliffs and the water is 56- 57 degrees, yes I am absolutely in a 4 mil...

    I say this all the time. With todays wetsuit technology, my 4 mils feel like 2 mils. They are so flexible etc, there is no reason for me NOT to wear them.... I am warm and comfy every day of the year.... And that keeps me out as long as I want.

    And I rock the 4 mil all winter with no booties ever unless im at certain reefs.... that 4 mil keeps my core perfect.

    Thats just me though.... I also didnt trunk it at all this summer. 2 and 3 mil in august.