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    Tommy Moore Slop Rod

    So here's my east coast slop wave catching machine!

    This is the Tommy Moore Slop Rod, diesgned by me logo and all but spawned by Tommy Moores planer.
    5'-6" x 21 3/4" wide x 2-3/8" thick, EPS dual stringer blank Epxy glass job. Future Quad set up with Future Controller fins.


    SLOP ROD PIC2 by jblacks, on Flickr

    slop rod by jblacks, on Flickr


    The board is ridiculous, so fast, turns so quick. I rode my friends ..lost Plank one day, and it was so easy to catch small slop and getting on the wave so early really made small slop fun to ride, but i couldnt get the baord to turn as fast as I wanted so I fired up the laptop and started drawing ( I am a CAD designer for a living). Anyway I came up withthe outline bump wing mini diamond tail quad idea then sent it to Tommy to create my Slop Rod. Well he made it better than I could have ever imagined. He started with his round nose fish rocker template., added a bunch of width to the nose to keep it as full as possible, then right where the nose flip ends the vboard start a deep single concave that runs into a pronounced Vee thru the fin cluster. That Vee with the quad set up and the Future Controller fins makes this board turn on a dime. Rail to rail on a 21" wide stick has never been so easy. The EPS/Epoxy contruction keeps the board super light and lively. It carries faom in all the right spots but its perfectly foiled. This is the sickest small wave board I have ever ridden.

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    Futures Quad fin setup

    I ride a 5'8" CI skinny fish and it came with the FAM 1 fins for all 4 (composite). I love the hold I get with them but I think it is holding back the speed I should be getting. After looking at the Futures website there are a lot of combinations to use im just not sure what to go with. Does anyone ride anything they love that gives them speed and hold or any other recommendations?