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Thread: Wetsuit Help

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    Wetsuit Help

    Hi guys, I am currently wearing a 3/2 Billabong wetsuit but am looking to buy a thicker one for as the winter wears on. I am looking at the 5/4/3 Billabong Solution Gold w/ Hood from this site:

    but have two questions:

    1. On the same site, that offer the Billabong gold in 6/5/4 thickness and it is only 10 bucks more than the 5/4/3. Would the 5/4/3 keep me warm through the winter or would I be better off getting the 6/5/4? I would like whichever I buy and my 3/2 to be my only suits to get me through year round.
    2. Second, any gripes on the Solution Gold suits? My 3/2 is awesome but didn't know if anyone else had any horror stories. Thanks.

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    Wetsuit selection

    The 5,4,3 should be ok. I use a 4:3 psycho II by O'neil most of the winter. Keep in mind that the thicker you go the stiffer the suit will be. The idea is to surf the thinnest suit that is comfortable. As far a which brand, all suits fit a little different and the most important aspect of a good wetsuit is the proper fit. I only break out my 6:4 on the coldest of days, 20 degree air & water in the 30's, propably less than 10 times a year. I hope this helps.

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    I use my 6/4 in Jan and Feb in NJ, but I have friends who use a 5/4 and are comfortable. Depends on your tolerance.

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    I agree that the 5/4/3 should be fine. And that as well that the thicker the suit, the harder it is to do tricks and manuevers.

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    i agree on the 5/4/3, but you should check out the mutant 5/4/3, there sick n its a little more expensive($330.00), but the fact that u can take the hood off with ease, thats what won me over with it.

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    Thumbs up

    5:4:3 oneil mutant is the way to go, i love it

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    I use to ride for them and the 6/5/4 is wayyyy to stiff and restraining from billabong. You want someone that knows how to make a suit..Oneill physco II all the way..

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    I've worn a Rip Curl 4/3 the past two winters, and have been fine. More than enough. The suit I have has a layer of thinsulate from the thighs to your chest that obviously helps a great deal. I recomend trying to find one with the thinsulate, it really makes a big difference. There is one bad thing... you think a normal suit stinks when you piss in it, you can't imagine the funk that this thing puts out!

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    anyone from jersey that wears a 4/3 althrough the winter?

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    I wore a 4/3 oneill mutant all last winter and i was fine.

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