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    only if you are out of shape. rather be a live pusssy than a dead cool guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by eppeldaa View Post
    2 sessions are a lot after you turn 30ish.
    bullcrap. i'll be 31 this winter & do 2 sessions a day whenever possible w/ no loss of surfing ability. you just gotta be in shape. if you're out of shape, then it'll suck. but that's true at any age.

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    i dont know man.. dead cool guys are pretty cool

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    I tried that Crossfit, it is a good workout...but the idea i came away from it with was that you have to work yourself so hard that you get sick. IMO, that's really not neccesary. sure, it cuts down on the time of workouts, but seems to me, that will just bulk you up. I did P90X a couple times through, and thought it was a much more well-rounded program and got me to do Yoga once a week, which i think has helped my flexibility and breathing. I've been slacking, though...still not completely out of shape, but I could be in better shape now than I am...Smoking will def not help you, but I can't talk...i chew Copenhagen, mainly because I'm addicted to nicotine, but don't want to hurt my lungs...already did that with smoking Newports for 7 years and the ganj.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eppeldaa View Post
    2 sessions are a lot after you turn 30ish.
    you did fine
    keep smoking, don't be a pusssy
    I almost never do 2 sessions anymore (unless its summer and the days are long and warm). Smoking and eating crap is all good...genetics is 95% in the game of life. And yes eating pusssy will help.

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    This fat old man will start P90X this winter and emerge a new man for the Spring!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    Yeah I quit cold turkey on new years eve 1997. I had tried the patch a couple of years before and it doesn't work if your not ready to quit. You have to be fed up with the whole routine to make it happen. I just made up my mind and stopped, haven't smoked one since.

    there's is a whole industry built upon convincing you how hard it is to quit and how much you need their products. that's bull - once you have truly made up your mind that a smoker is no longer the guy you want to be, it is not that difficult. you don't try to stop - you just stop. no gum, no patches, none of it.

    the first couple of days are rough - being involved in an exercise program is very helpful. a juice fast for the first 24 hours and sunflower seeds help to control nicotine cravings. after 4 or 5 days, it's a whole new day and you are a new person.

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    Couldn't even make it out to the lineup tonight...I have a cold on top of all this....
    This is the month I quit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    best exercise i know of to get fit is to surf... surf as much as you can.

    If you live close enough, just get in the water instead of gym.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambino View Post
    I have a cold on top of all this....
    Smoking leaves you so much more susceptible to colds.