Returned from a recent trip to Oahu and the Big Island. I ventured over to the Big Island for 9 days after spending a similar number of wonderful days on the northern shores of Oahu. Aside from a couple of very small to flat days on the northern shore of Oahu there were plenty of good water days ranging from 3-5, 4-6, 6-8 and maxing out at about 8-12 foot over one 24 hour period. It is safe to safe that I didn't venture out at the "hot" spots, especially with the tour boys and girls starting to arrive for the Triple Crown series and the local folks priming for the Sunset HIC Pro, but there was plenty of good, fun solid surf without the immense crowds. Spent only a day or two down in the Honolulu/Waikiki area meeting up with some acquaintances.

The second leg of the trip started with a meet-up at the Honolulu airport for the flight over to the Big Island, with Mike McD, a local boy from our area surf club, and Mike Hague, a local boy from DE. We were all there for witnessing the marriage of another Swell Info character, oipaul. We surfed at least once every day from our first full day on the island, Monday, through the wedding day, Saturday, and then without Paul on Sunday. The wedding was tastefully well done in a Hawaiian-style, outdoors and even blessed by showers! We had the good fortune to meet up with a few local boy paipo boarders who helped give us the lay of the land and also with a relocated VaBeach guy we know from the March of Dime Surf contests. Surf on the Big Island doesn't capture the full brunt of northern swells as does Oahu so the size was a bit smaller but we caught our fair share of steady, warm, 3-6 foot waves. It is fair to say we all returned to the mainland as very happy, if somewhat tired, boys.