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    they are mostly jewish houses and they go up north by now, but i was parked on a side street, im in a ****ty situation right now i only got a beat up board and a gun..

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    i feel for ya man. lesson learned though. i always keep my boards locked in the car with towels covering them...except for the log. 9'4" is a lot to squeeze in a vehicle.
    i'll keep an eye on craigslist. also check the surf recycler on thesurfersview.com.
    good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    are there any local biz' around where you parked.... could be worth asking to see if they have a survellaince system.... I know that sounds very tv ish.. but my board would make me go asking...
    I have done alot of work in the area on the houses in deal- ALOT of the Jewish people in that area have survellanice cams on thier property- it might be worth asking- unless you parked in the lot at phillips... maybe there is cams on that lot too???

    Was it a silver toyota car or truck? new or old? Im south of asbury- will keep my eyes open....
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    thanks brotha i appreciate it.

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    i was on roosevelt so maybe one of those houses..thanks

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    How can you forget your stick ? Were you smoking a spleef? Gotta love that Jersey Chronic

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    is this it? I know the size is different but.... hey, you got to try looking everywhere now...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniffer View Post
    Deal is a town where Elton John has a house shaped like a piano. I sure hope Elton has nothing to do with those stolen boards....good luck guys, hope you find that ahole!
    Close, it's Billy Joel...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rDJ View Post
    Close, it's Billy Joel...
    I always get those two confused, but Billy Joel definitely makes more sense. I can't picture Elton go around looking for boards to snag.

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    its that exact board just 6' 1" and a pin tail thanks my man were gettin close