Since I've grown up in NJ i've only worn 7mm round toe, never owned 3mm or 5mm due to cost. Now, living in Wilmington, i just bought a pair of Rip curl flashbomb 5mm split toe booties, because having warm to the touch booties seemed nice (rip curls new marketing gimmick), 5mm seemed like a good medium for down here (still not in boots, sorry to rub it in), and all i've been hearing as of late is that split toe booties are incredible. My shoe size is 10.5-11 and I wear size 10 xcel booties so i got rip curl in size 10. When I tried them on at the shop I bought along my trusty plastic bag which lets you put a boot on in seconds, and the 10 seemed to fit. I brought back home and tried em on without the bag and it took me like a good 3-5minutes that was a sweaty awkward workout. Hard as hell to get on, and I'm used to getting on xcel, hyperflex, and o'neill 7mm on, and they seemed somewhat small - but the 11 was definitely too big. I figure they will stretch out, but does anyone have any remedies to put on a boot besides the plastic bag (doesnt work well with plastic bags) or shampoo? gracias