Dude, don't worry about me, I slay the bi**hes, however it has more to do with making things extra slippery and washes away without any oily residue after rinsed in water. In the boots it won't break done the material and can be rinsed out after the sesh.
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Dude, if you need copious amounts of that stuff, then she's not really that into it and you're doing it wrong.

To the subject at hand: Smartwool or something similar is a great idea, however I'm not too sure how well they will work with split-toes because you will have to make a crease in the sock between your big toe and whatever you call that other one right next to it. Might take a little practice to get it comfortable without binding your toes.
One thing I do is turn the bootie almost inside-out so you can get your toes in then peel it back over your feet. You know, kind of like one of those things you should use for the aforementioned SITS if you aren't ready to produce little Gnar's.