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    Beat down on the NS

    What is much rumor going down.

    TJ Barron beat up Makua Rothman.

    Eddie Rothman show up with gang at Billabong house party and beat down TJ and execs from Billabong.

    Local brahs tell Bong to hurry up and run contest and then to fold tent and leave town. Under threat from locals, Bong runs contest on final day to hurry and finish so they can leave town with tail between legs.

    All local brahs in Pipe get $7,000 taken away from them by Billabong.

    Now more threat going around in pro industry trying to keep people from talking. Not very aloha.

    Da hui untouchable by cops because they fed informants. I dont know what true here, but not aloha at all.
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    This thread deserves a giant obnoxious yaaaaawn.......zzz.zzz.zzz

    Also some proper english would help too.

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    Are you the mall cop?

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    I heard a rumor: competitve surfing is beat

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    You have to expect that when doing business with thugs.

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    those dudes dont play nice, gotta be keen on who not to eff with

    edit: someone just posted an urban dictionary link to da hui pretty funny
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    edit: someone just posted an urban dictionary link to da hui pretty funny[/QUOTE]

    "a family(ohana) of Hard Core Surf Punks who will KICK YOUR ASS and bury you in a cane field if you f*** with them or any one of their relatives. They are from the North Shore of Oahu aka "The Black Shorts"
    dont ever mess with da hui man they will string you up by your macadamia nuts."

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    you have a link to this story somewhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    you have a link to this story somewhere?
    it won't be on any surf source since they are trying not to make it public this blog, http://blog.demonfactory.com/ some dude from the north shore tells some off the record stories, I don't know if its true but they are interesting (obviously some stories in thee are jokes, but some talking about Parko last year at the triple crown and gabs mendia I believe are real).

    I heard about this fight somewhere else, I think in the stabmag.com comments from some article about the pipemasters. Interesting, indeed.

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    i have to agree that john was underscored in his heat w/ kelly