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    ...lost 6'0" Motivator

    Hello, my normal shortboard size is a 5'10" swallowtail thruster. I think its 1 and 1/16 thick. My local shop has a lost 6.0 motivator. Since it is supposed to be ridden shorter, will it still perform? After all, it is 2 inches bigger than my normal shortboard. Will it still work ok? Its only $400 but I don't want to get it if it has to much volume for me. I'm 5'10" and weigh 120 lbs. Thanks.

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    na man motivators are suppose to be ridden shorter than your normal short board 4" to 6" shorter. go on lost's website and you'll see the dimensions. you wanna match the thickness with the thickness of your regular short board. motivators are a lot of fun, i had one. i had a 5'6 2.25 thick one. one of the funnest boards i had. i think those dimensions should work with you considering your 120 lbs.
    cheers man

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    yea i know how short there supposed to be ridden thats why i was asking if it would still work

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    I want to go a little thicker and wider than my shortboard just cuz the waves suck here

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    Thats a pretty big board for your size. I am 6'0, 145 and would ride the motivator is like a 5'6" or 5'7". Where are you located? I have a 5'8 Rocket in Keauhana that I am throwing up for sale.

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    that thing is gona be a boat for you man. im 6 foot 175 and i have a 5-9" motivator. its a great board but you deff need to ride it small.