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    I am right on this?

    ok guys I dont post often but need some clarification here. I have been surfing for 25 yrs and I am well aware of the ettiquette rules. I could count how many time I knowingly snaked someone on one hand and it was almost always in retrobution. Todays story is a little different and I need some honest opinions. 4 guys out sitting on my fav jetty. I suit up say to myself I want to charge it today dont let any of these guys take all the sets I want to be in the game. I have a tendency to either find my own jetty this time of year or be too polite and not end up with many set waves. So I paddle around the jetty so the current puts me right on the best peak I watch a set go by others guys grab the waves I catch the next one. Stoked! fun waves I paddle back out wait my turn and or paddle against current back into position. Surfer#1 gets a nice waves I hoot. Surfer#2 paddles into the pocket as surfer#3 is paddling away from peak #2 says go man knowing this guys isnt going to pull out # 3 missies waves and says thought you had it? WTF is the look on #2 and I just shake my head. Few waves go riden by all nice set comes #2 again is outside andpaddling away from peak I am in perfect position so I paddle into the peak I go to get up and see #2 on top of me I am on the inside I save my self and board and pull out and get worked he misses wave exchange looks and I put up my hands you going to surf on my back? #2 sits on shoulder out of picture for a while I am thinking he is little defeated cause he tried to snake two guys and hasnt had a good ride yet so he is off to the shoulder then #4 pulss same **** to make a long story shorter... If a guy is in position but then paddles out of that position and now I am in the inside in the perfect take off spot under the lip type take off can I go? even if its clear that this other guy is paddling for the waves already. one time is no issue I pass up plenty of waves so I see him going for it I let it go if I am in position but if its happening often is it wrong to spin and go under a guy. <br />Sad thing is not a word was said to anyone on a fun day in Dec. like it was silent! I hooted a few tymes and that was it. I left to find my alternate jetty breaking with no one out and I paddled out with another guy exchanged pleasantris and we shared waves I would get a good set wave and paddle out we wait when another set came even if I am on the inside thats all you man ywew! lloks like a good one back and forth. isnt this how it should be with a few guys out?
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