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    Surfing Alone...

    just got back from a normally crowded break after being out for two hours totally alone and came to the conclusion that i friggin love winter!!! But after a while i started to get a little bugged out...The hard offshores were blowing me out to sea and had to continuesly paddle shoreward....Just wondering if anybody else gets a weird feeling being out in decent surf alone. small days are usually no problem but today, after i was out awhile i had that sinking feeling and i got out... I guess its supposed to happen but i was having soooo much fun, but my mind got the best of me.

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    It depends, if it is bright and sunny out, and I haven't surfed in a while then I don't mind surfing alone, especially when there's at least a couple of people walking on the beach or walking their dog, etc.

    What sketches me out is if I'm alone and there's no one within a 1/2 mile radius, and if something were to happen to me no one would know or be able to help.

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    Definitely supposed to happen. Especially when you are being blown out to sea like the W wind is doing today. Some might say that's not just your mind messing with you, but it's actually instinct and you should listen to it. I've been out on epic days having the time of my life when my spideysense starts tingling... I don't mess around... I get out.

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    Same thing happens to me when I'm's normal.

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    I almost always surf alone...solitary man.

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    Oh yea. Definately normal. i can relate. Like someone said if people are on the beach it makes you feel a little better but realistically what are they gonna do if something happens? Especially when the water is in the high 40s or even 50s. Chances are it would be to late. Ive surfed alone alot and some days i never get the feeling and other days i do. The wind and sun do seem to play a factor in comfort level. When its decent and grey-cloudy it tends to mess with you a little. Then again you read articles of people in indo or other places that go off the beaten track alone to surf 8 to 10 footers by them selves.Crazy. I definately prefer to have a surf buddy but on the eastern shore its not always possible in the winter months so ya just have to roll the dice. I hate to miss a session only to find out it was good. Sometimes that will mess with your mind just as much.

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    I get sketched out at dusk or night in summer when everybody else has already bailed out. Sharkies come out then and I DO NOT want to be dinner haha

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    i dont surf alone solely for the safety reasons

    buddy system ftw

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    Yep, buddy system for me too. I've surfed alone a couple times and it's less fun not having someone or several friends to share the stoke and feeling safe together.

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    I surf alone all the time, what's the big deal?

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