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    Done. Just make sure that after you get your patches down, prep the surrounding area by tapeing off where you don't want your hotcoat to extend to, and sanding any smooth surfaces around the patch. Fair the edges of your patches while you're at it. Your hotcoat won't bond to a smooth, unsanded surface. When the hotcoat resin has gelled, pull the tape. Finish sand when fully cured.

    Take pics and post them up as you go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrantLee View Post
    Ok I think I got it. Last question to clarify before I go and do it. I would apply the patch (fully saturate it tight and flat, not too much resin or it will float) and then let that cure. After that I would apply another layer of resin, let that dry, then any needed sanding. Repair done? Thanks again guys
    2 and 3 I would totally cut out and repatch with cloth and resin(my preference), doesnt mean you have to.. The others just sand and fill in with sanding resin. then the box needs cloth as well. Normally anytime you use cloth in a patch its best to use laminating resin with the cloth then sanding resin on top of it. The laminating resin stays sticky and the sanding resin adheres better.