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    Best Surf Session or Memory of 2011

    My best session of the year had to be the day before Hurricane Irene hit. Most everyone had been evacuated from the beaches (thank you Mr. Christie!). There was no wind, sunny skies, 85 degree air, 75 degree water and the surf was well overhead long period swells with plenty of non closeouts. It felt like the day was a gift from the gods, good luck to all in 2012!

    What is yours?

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    same here. day before irene. ALMOST nobody was in town except me and a good friend. Had the best break to myself all morning. It wasn't all that big, probably only chest-head, but perfect peeling with light onshores if I remember correctly. Some of the longest most rippable waves I have ever surfed in NJ. Long walls that would not close out! Plus the whole evacuation thing just added to the excitement of it all.

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    Can't remember the date- Know it was a Sat. morning at Wallups Is. this Fall. 3-4 ft glass with a few sets a little bigger. There was a girl surfing that morning, had to be the best female I have ever been in the water with. She was going for it on some pretty steep bombs & surfing as good as anyone that day. It was a fun session, the crowd was not too big & pretty mellow.

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    Can't remember the date, but there was a swell one Sunday in the beginning of fall in OCMD that was unbelievable. got shacked numerous times that day...

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    April 17th Sunday Funday. Bombing and surprisingly empty

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    The day before Irene wasn't stellar, but even if it was, the evacuation order was posted and they had squads of Lifeguards posted every three blocks ensuring no one even ventured out on the beach. Since I was in town to work that day, I figured I'd hit it before going home anyway, but this is what greeted me @ 36th St. You can see the guards under the blue umbrella on the left.

    Maybe next time, but I did score some fun waves down at Assateague to be sure.
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    november 6th. Perfect all day with 5 or so people out

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    I pick Yesterday

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    Memorial Day in OBX, water was about 55 degrees because of the upwelling, luckily i had my suit. the cold water kept everyone out so it was just me and couple friends out in chest high + surf and super glassy. definitely one for the books!

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    some friday in either october or november with consistent 4 to 5 foot waves not closing out breaking just right