Hello !

ive been Thinking of moving near Melbourne Area, for some career changes, i see there is some surf there, but one thing i seem to cannot find is real hard numbers for consistency...

for me , consitency,is more important than size of swell.
quick example:

A) Spot has, of 7 days, 3 with reallygood waves, but 4 that suck and are not ridable
B) Spot has of 7 days, 5 with rideable waves, though not as good as A)

i would prefer spot B), because i like to surf every day.

So how is Central Florida in Terms of consistency ? Of 7 Days ( one week), how often would there be surfable waves ?

Surfable = wave has somekindof a shoulder, and you can train maneuvers like cutback,snap,offthelip,airs etc, with a typical smallwave shortboard.

Would be really cool if some locals could tell a bit
greeeetings, and happy new year !