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    Single, Twin, Thruster, CB Bonzer - NJ

    6'7" x 20" x 3" Retro Single Fin = SOLD!!

    5'8" x 20 1/4" x 2 5/8" Twin Keel Fish = SOLD!!

    5'5" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8" Diamond Nose, Chop Square Tail Thruster = $300
    Handshaped by me, professionally glassed by UnderToe Glassing. Experimental shape, alternative to a high performance shortboard in a compact package - inspired by Tomo Surfboards. Roll under the nose to single concave, hard tucked edge 3/4 up the board. Shortboard nose rocker with a flatter tail rocker. Blocky tail, straighter outline for float and planing. Poly Blank with 4x4 oz. deck/ 4oz. btm + tail patch professional epoxy glassing. FCS Fusion Thruster setup. Comes with new M5 fins and Astrodeck Tailpad. Would easily float someone up to 175lbs. depending on skill level. Board has been in the hour for 1 hour, pretty much new.

    6'2" x 20 1/4" x 2 5/8" Campbell Brothers Bonzer Egg = SOLD!!

    more pics here:
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    Nice boards! Where in port Monmouth are you? I grew up there and went to Port Monmouth elementary school. I live in Maryland now.

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    Thanks! Funny, I'm not too far from there, across the highway though.

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    Don't sell them yet, brother... You gotta ride those babies for a few years first.

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    those boards look great and a ton of fun. Keep it up.

    Let us know when they sell. If they are still available in a couple weeks, when im up that way, I'd be interested in checking out the twin or the 58 tri.

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    loving that tomo looking board. wish i had some cash laying around.... that cb bonzer is a gem. i have a 6'2 and 8'0 speed egg. could never part with them. such a good board

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    I lived over on Michigan Avenue down from Crown Tire. Great looking boards BTW.

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    That 5'5" looks sick. Its the same dims as my RNF, would probably be a super fun board for me. Too bad I don't have a spare $300 laying around haha.

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    boards still available

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    different style rides here