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    Exclamation Kahalu'u Beach getting overrun by pretend surf schools

    Surf Lessons are popping us overnight.<br />No regulation down at Kahalu'u Beach Park. <br /><br />Looks like any joe shmoe with some boards can pick up some newbees ask for cash and jump in the line up!<br /><br />Hawaii Lifegaurd Surf Instructors has been in Kona since 1994- we are established Lifeguards and Certified Instructors and are finding it harder and harder to keep up with all these back yard low ballers!<br /><br />What are we to do? We are doing all we can to run a ligitamate business and no one is regulating illegal uncertified pretend surf companies. DLNR says they are too busy and short staffed to deal with surf schools?????<br /><br />Hu?

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    is DLNR deparment of land and natural resources? i would say the city govt would be interested. If they are really illegally doing business then they are not registered with the county or city and probably do not have a permit to conduct business. The city does not want legal businesses being trampled.

    I dunno what the regs are where you are but around here you can not solicit people on the beach. It's illegal.

    Before going to the city I would let the guys giving the lessons know that they are doing something illegal. But be friendly. Really, they are just a few guys trying to make a buck, just like you. But they need to play by the rules like eveyone else. Competition is not a bad thing. You guys just have to offer the best service and your customers will keep comming back. There are a lot of surf schools, camps, etc around here and all of them do well, and have a certain territory. It's kinda an unspoken agreement.

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